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Jammers for Cellphone and GPS Tracker
Wall Mount Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Jammer
Portable high power > 4 hours
GPS tracker Hand Held Jammer
  • All bands (2G+3G+4G+Wi-Fi)
  • High Efficiency > 15 meters @ -85 dBm
  • Instant Blocking (<100 mini-seconds)
  • AC powered, No adapter required
  • Remote Control Selections:
               Infrared Transmitter
               Built in rotary timer
               TTL remote input
               TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Block GPS signal to any hidden GPS tracker
                 or Cell Phone
  • Run by internal battery or car 12V supply
  • Pocket size, can be placed anywhere
                  inside a car
  • Up to 50 meters radius range
  • Instant blocking
  • High power >10 meters @-85 dBm
  • Fully portable and impact resistant
  • Up to 4.5 hours operation time
  • AC or Car 12V supply charging
  • Omni-directional internal antenna
  • All cell phone bands jamming and Wi-Fi
Selections and Options:
  Infrared and TTL remote on/off
   Infrared and Dial Timer on/off

 TCP/IP remote control and event logging
   Programmable daily timer settings
   Controlled by Detector
 GPS tracler Jammer

 Portable cell phone jammer