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Detectors for Cell Phone, Wi-Fi and GPS tracker
Wall Mount Cell Phone  and Wi-Fi Detector
General Purpose Hand Held Cell Phone Detector
Hand Held Advanced Cell phone/ Wi-Fi Detector
  • Detect all cell phone bands and
               2.4 GHz Wi-Fi uplink transmission
  • Can capture every spontaneous
               short message transmission
  • Power on coupled Jammer instantly
  • Activate siren and TTL devices
Selections and Options:

  • Beeper or TTL output
  • Strong warning Strobe Light
  • TCP/IP to remote computer
  • Send control signal to jammer,
                    and do event logging
Advanced Cellphone Detector
      Six to 7 bands cellphone
                     up-link signal detection
 Beeper or earphone or Vibration

 Dual mode operation, Cellphone
        or Wi-Fi only detection mode selection.
All band cellphone detector with
         signal strength indicator and
         sensitivity control.
With or without Wi-Fi detection.


  • Detect and identify GPS tracker
          using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Sensitivity control for locating

 Detect and locate Wi-Fi spy camera
           and tapping devices swiftly.
Hand Held GPS Tracker Detector
Hand Held Wi-Fi Spy Camera and Tapping device Detector
  • Detect all cell bands simultaneously
               and display individual band's
               signal strength
  • Fast response! Does not miss
               any signal as short as short
  • User selectable band detection
  • Individual band sensitivity baseline
               adjustment for optimum performance
  • Ultra high sensitivity >30 meters
  • A lower cost general purpose detector
                for sell phone detection with
                adjustable sensitivity.
  • Wi-Fi spy camera detection
  • GPS tracker detection and locating
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