DZJM601 Portable High Power Cell Phone Jammer
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Portable high power >4 hours
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Newly developed 4G all bands cell phone jammer
 (700, 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2600 MHz)

Long operation time, easy to use, medium power

Durable housing, great portability

Suitable for Police, Military personnel, Security operator
to conduct on site instant control.

This device can block all cell phone communication
in coverage area within two seconds after powered on.

Forward blocking can reach > 20 meters (-85 dBm down link).

Elegant appearance,No ugly antenna,one fully charged
battery can last >4 hours, back up battery can be
quickly replaced within 30 seconds.

* This device is suitable for government, military, police,
 and security operator conduction instant security

* This device can also been used for non-portable
 applications using AC plug in.

Frequency bands:

  4G LTE                                758 ~ 803 MHz
    GSM (I & II)/CDMA             860 ~ 965 MHz
    DCS/PCS/PHS/DECT         1800 ~ 2000 MHz
    WCDMA/CDMA2000         2110 ~ 2170 MHz    
    Wi-Fi                                  2400 ~ 2500 MHz
    LTE/WiMax                        2570 ~ 2690 MHz

Input Power: Lithium Battery @12 V, 3A

Coverage area:   forward direction up to 20 meters
         @ <-80 dBm base station signal

Antenna: Internal, semi-directional (>3dB froward gain)    


1. This device do not interfere up-link signal.

2. This device can instantly blocking all down-link signal.
 Instantly stop voice conversations.

3.This device can be customized not to interfere with DECT
 and other two ways radio conversations.

4.100 %designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

Dimension:       330(W) x 270(H) x 120(T) mm

Weight (with battery):      <2.4 Kg

Operation temperature:       0℃ ~ 35 ℃ (cooling fan optional)
                                             32°F ~ 95°F

Back up battery: optional

* This is a portable device, easy to hand carry, can use
   internal battery or external plug in for long time use.

* Simply flip on the power switch, within 1 second,
  the target conversation or messaging can be
  instantly disrupted.

* Maximum blocking power is in the housing back direction,
   on a horizontal plane. Target should be in this plane.

* This device is not designed to compete in radiation power,
   the advantage is to allow jamming only the selected
   targets, not to spill radiation to unwanted area.

* If it is desired to have larger coverage, it is suggested to use
   multiple units, distributed 15 meters apart like cellular
   base station to eliminate dead corners, but not to spill
   to unwanted area.

*  Due to the wide frequency bands coverage, this device will
   become warm after one hour continuous usage.
  It is a normal phenomenon, However, user should try to
  use in an open space at temperature less than 35 C.

* Device should be placed on a flat space, back side of the
  housing should be pointed to the target direction.
  To be effective, device should be placed closer to
  the spot having strongest base station signal
  in the coverage area.

* User can use a smart phone to measure signal strength.
Check your local government ordinance before sales or operating
this product. A permit may be required for civilian use.