DZJM551 Wall-Mount All Band         2G+3G+4G+WiFi
                          Internet Remote Control Cell Phone Jammer
New All Band Cell Phone Jammer  (2G, 3G, 4G LTE)
with built-in Ethernet port for remote control
using TCP/IP protocol

This device provides a simple and straight forward way
to effectively Containing Proprietary Information and
Preventing Ambient Disturbance.

Instantly blocking the reception of any cell phone in
a desired area and consequently disconnecting it
from any base-station.

    ● Unique capability to instantly Blocking Voice
                   and Data  Downloading.
    ● Disable handset connection to base station
                  within 20 seconds.
    ● Shielding radius reaches >10 meters
    ● Revolutionized elegant housing design concept
                  with invisible antenna.
* This  product  is suitable for government
 organization, court house, library, restaurant,
 theater, music hall and all other locations that
 require central supervisory.

* Up to 256 devices can be systematically powered
 on and off from remote Control Center through
 local area network.

* Can remotely select desired shielding frequency
 bands for specific units or groups.

* ATM, examination center, trade center, prison and
 all other locations needs to prevent fraud and
 maintain security.

* House, office,public transportation and all other
 places requires noise control and mind focusing.

* This product is not supposed to be used in a
 hospital, Gas station or for any anti-riot,
 anti-terror, public safety applications.
    Shielding frequency bands:
         700                               758 ~ 803 MHz
       800                              870 ~890 MHz
         900                               925 ~960 mhZ
      1800                            1805 ~ 1880 MHz
      2100                            2110 ~ 2170 MHz   
     Wi-Fi                            2400 ~ 2500 MHz
      2600                            2570 ~ 2690 MHz

    Frequency Bands can be set by manufacturer
    according to user's country code.

    Input Power:  100~240 VAC, < 25 Watts.
    Shielding range : 10 meters radius
                    @ <-85 dBm basestation signal
    Antenna : Concealed quarter-wave monopole
Check your local government ordinance before
sales or operating this product. A permit may be
required for civilian use.
       DarZong Technology, Co. Ltd.                               
                                                  TEL:             +886-3-562-6793                                   FAX: +886-3-562-6641          
                                 No.20,Lane 19, Bade Road, Hsinchu City, 30069, Taiwan                                      

Option available for Customized
Graphic Interface.

    1. Built-in TCP/IP module port.
    2. Device IP configurable by user.
    3. Free control software for system up to 10 units.
    4. Does not interfere up-link signal (base station)
    5. Instant blocking Audio reception and data downloading
    (Drop out connection from base station within 20~30 seconds)
    6. Switch for Wi-Fi band selection
    7. Does not to interfere with DECT phones
    8. No cooling fan (noise free)
    9. 100 % domestic( Taiwan) designed and manufactured

    Dimension : 270(W) x 240(H) x 60(T) mm
    Weight : <1.4Kg
    Operating Temperature : 0℃ ~ 50 ℃ (outdoor model optional)