Shielding frequency bands
    700                               758 ~ 803 MHz
    800                               870 ~890 MHz
    900                               925 ~960 mhZ
  1800                            1805 ~ 1880 MHz
  2100                            2110 ~ 2170 MHz   
 Wi-Fi                            2400 ~ 2500 MHz
  2600                            2570 ~ 2690 MHz
Frequency bands can be customized for different countries.

Input Power:  100~240 VAC, 50-60 Hz  (< 25 Watts)
Shielding range : >15 meters radius @ <-85 dBm basestation signal
Antenna : Internal (semi-directional with gain >4dB)
Dimension : 270(W) x 240(H) x 60(T) mm
Weight : <1.4Kg
Operating Temperature : 0℃ ~ 50 ℃ (outdoor model optional)
New All Bands Shielder (2G, 3G, 4G , LTE , WiFi)

Instantly blocking the reception of any cell phone in
a desired area and consequently disconnecting it from
any base-station.

● Unique capability to instantly Blocking voice
and Data  Downloading.
● Disable handset connection to base station
within 20 seconds.
● Shielding radius reaches >10 meters
● Revolutionized elegant housing design concept
with invisible antenna.
● Unbeatable Covertness.

This  product can be used at government organization, court house, library, restaurant, theater, music hall,  
conference room and  all other locations that needs to maintain order and tranquility.
ATM, examination center, trade center, prison and all other locations needs to prevent fraud ans maintain security.
House, office,public transportation and all other places requires audio noise control.
This product is not supposed to be used in a hospital, Gas station or for any anti-riot, anti-terror,
public safety applications.

DZJM511 Wall-Mount All Bands Cell Phone Shielder (Jammer)
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Check your local government ordinance
before sales or operating this product.
A very High efficiency (Ultra low power
consumption) and audio noise free device.
Requires no AC adapter.
Will not interfere with DECT phones.
This is our standard model. More then
2000 units sold worldwide in 2015.

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1.  Remote Infrared controller
2. Does not interfere up-link signal (base station)
3. Instant blocking Audio reception and data downloading
       (Drop out connection from base station within 20~30 seconds)
4. Switch for Wi-Fi band selection
5. Can be customized not to interfere with DECT phones
6. No cooling fan (noise free)
7. 100 % domestic( Taiwan) designed and manufactured