DZGTD800 GPS Tracker Detector
Mini-GPS trackers are widely used to track cars' real-time position to Google
Map precision. How to know if your car is being tracked? How to locate and
remove  the tracker if there is any? DZGTD800 is the best solution.
Most of the trackers are using Cell Phone Short
Messaging to periodically transmit your GPS
coordinate to a service provider's data center  . The
pursuer simply hide a Tracker in your car and then
link to the service provider's web site to pin point
your location in real-time from a remote location.

Sometimes, the pursuer will use a smart phone
instead and activates the share location APP to
tracker your position. Since the transmission of
SMG is sporadic, catching the signal and conduct
accurate analysis is a great challenge. Currently,
DZGTD800 is the only solution.
 * It can detect all popular trackers in market
   including the most popular  Trackimo and

 * It can detect smart phone operating in
    tracking mode.

 * It is easy to operate since the detector is
    using advanced Artificial intelligence to
    analyze the signal frame structure and
    validate if it is from a tracking device.

 * It takes only about 20 minutes drive in a
    rural area or expressway where noise is

 * It has sensitivity adjustment for reducing
   detecting radius to locate the tracker.

 * It comes with Li-ion battery and charger.
   One charge can last >20 hours.
All tracking devices are transmitting messages once every
30 seconds to 1 minute or even longer, therefore tracker only
can be detected sporadically. User needs to fully understand
this nature and expected to take at least 20 minutes or more
to complete an effective detection process.

Detector will send audio signal to the user when a tracking
signal is confirmed. Detector will also using audio tones to
guide user to find a low noise area for conducting reliable

Detector will record and show number of times of detection.
Greater than 3 times will definitely confirm  the existence of
a tracker.
    Frequency                      Per user's location
    Sensitivity                    < -75dBm
    Battery                             3.7V, 1880 mAh Lithium Battery
    Operation time              Continuous (charger plugged in)
                                                > 20 hrs
    Charger                           Output: DC 0.5A
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LED indicators                          Double digits seven segment green light
Low Battery indication       < 3.0 V
Working distance                   > 3 meters ( car interior space)
Storage temperature           -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Dimension                                 25 (T)  x  80 (W)  x  150(L) mm
Weight                                         165 grams with battery
Warranty                                  One  year factory warranty