DZGP701 GPS Tracker Jammer
A powerful Anti-tracker with jamming range
greater than 50 meters
*** Operate with internal battery To prevents the
    location disclosure when the ignition key is turned-off

    * Prevent person from being tracked.
    * Prevent rental car and leasing car from being tracked.
    * Prevent public safety vehicle from being tracked.
    * Prevent critical (meeting) location’s coordinate
              from being transmitted.

    * It does not interfere with L2, L3 signals specially
           reserved for military and public safety applications.
    * Its jamming range can be preset form three meters
          (for passenger car) to greater than 50 meters
          (for 18 wheeler).
    * It is equipped with rechargeable battery that can
          last >4 hours that prevents the location disclosure when
          the ignition key is turned-off.
    * It is fully portable (pocket size) suitable for personal protection.
    * It is the only GPS anti-tracker that can operate away from
          auto vehicle enabling a 100% protection.
    * It comes with both cigarette lighter charger and AC charger.
This device will jam GPS signal immediately
once it is turned on. However, user may take
up to 30 seconds to notice the change on
GPS receiver display because GPS data fame
rate is 30 seconds long.

    Frequency                      1575.42 ± 5 MHz
    Output Power                20 to 27 dBm (factory preset)
    Input power                   5V DC CAR CHARGER
    Battery                             3.7V, 1880 mAh Lithium Battery
    Operation time              Continuous (charger plugged in)
                                                > 4 hrs ( battery only)
    Cigarette lighter            Input: DC 12V  (850 mA)
    Charger                             Output: DC 0.5A

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AC Charger                          50 / 60 AC 100~240(V) convert to DC 5V, 2A
LED indicators                   Yellow:Power On,  Red:Charging
Low Battery indication    Yellow Power LED indicator dimming
Working distance              > 50 meters ( horizontal free space)
Operation temperature    < 50 ℃
Storage temperature        -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Dimension                           23.5 mm T  x 60 mm W x  96mm L
Weight                                  105 grams with battery
Warranty                             Two years factory warranty