DZDT451 All Bands Smart Cell Phone Detector(Wall Mount)
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Wall mount
This is a fixed (Wall Mount) instrument for detecting all cell
phone signals for those applications need to know the existence of
powered up cell phones in the vicinity.

    >  It detect only cell phone signals. Wi-Fi optional

    > It can trigger remote alarm (Siren and Strobe Light)
      at a preset sensitivity level.

    > It can record and broadcast warning message.

    > It can power up nearby jammer instantly and power off
      after a preset time interval.

    > It can send messages to central control office via TCP/IP.

    > It has fine sensitivity tuner for each individual frequency band.

    > It can detect cell phone at distance over 50 meters.

    > It run with AC power. No external adapter required.

    > Flexible selections of remote connector .

Please down load "Smart Application Solutions" for making the
best option selection.
Frequency Bands: (Standard model)
700                         703 ~ 733       MHz (up-link
800                         832 ~ 862      MHz (up-link)
900                         880 ~ 915      MHz (up-link)
1800                   1710 ~ 1785    MHz (up-link)
2100                      1920 ~ 1980   MHz (up-link) 
2600                      2550 ~ 2620 MHz (FDD up-link +TDD)

Frequency coverage can be customized

Antenna:       Multi-band quarter-wave monopole omni-
(maximum gain at vertical position)

Sensitivity:  Individually adjustable

GSM:                        >  - 55 dBm @ antenna
CDMA & UMTS : >  - 65 dBm @ antenna
Rejection                  > 25 dB @ out of band

Detection Mode       RF power peak detection

Indicator:                White LED flasher+ Beeper
Options: see download file

Input Power:         100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz

Output:              5V DC TTL and/or N.O.

Dimension:          27 cm x 24cm x 7cm

Weight:                1.1 Kg

Warranty:            One year