DZDT431 All Bands Cell Phone Detector     2G+3G+4G
        + optional 2.4GHz ISM band detection
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DT431 is a super sensitive cellphone detector at budget price.
It is very easy to operate and highly portable. It has the same detection capability and most of the
features as our DT401 advanced cellphone detector. It has very slick appearance, light weight, and can fit
most of the shirt pockets.
DT431 can detect up to 8 frequency bands simultaneously.
It can catch every sporadic short message transmission up to 50 meters in distance. The
detection frequency bands can be customized to suit user's specific local frequency allocation.
The sensitivity ( the detection distance) can be adjusted easily by pressing the two up/down
DT431 is precisely designed to posses accurate rejection to frequencies out of the allocated
cellphone band.
So, it only detect cellphone signals and has very high immunity to noise. The advanced
software enable the filtering of most of the in band signals emitted from non-cellphone devices such as a DECT
cordless phone. The chance to have a false alarm is nearly none.
Once a signal is detected, LED indicator will flash accompanying with alarm signal for a short period of time. There are three alarm modes to be
chosen. The beeping tone in open air, the beeping tone in earphone, and the vibrator. Beeping tone pitch varies with respect to signal strength.
The reliable built-in lithium battery when fully charged can support the detector for 8 hours continuously. Low battery warning is given through
LED display and beeper. Battery can be charged with an AC adapter (included) or any device that has a USB port. The charge up time is less
than 1.5 hours. The two green dots at the lower part of the display will light up during charging and distinguished when fully charged.
  • To set the sensitivity, simply press the up or down button and release at the desired percentage shown on LED
  • To select vibrator mode, press any of the up or down button prior to pushing up the main switch. It will go back to
    beeper mode when device is power up again without pressing any of the buttons.
  • This device can be operated free standing on a flat plane or held in hand. The antenna is not designed to be

Frequency bands: (per customer order)          *numbers shown below are typical
Band                  Taiwan                                     US/Canada                             Europe
700                  703-748 MHz                          699-716 MHz                           703-733 MHz
750                                                                   777-787 MHz                              
800                                                                                                                       832-862 MHz
850                  825-845 MHz                           814-849 MHz
900                  880-915 MHz                                                                             880-915 MHz
1800            1710-1785 MHz                                                                         1710-1785 MHz
1900                                                               1850-1915 MHz                     
2100            1920-1975 MHz                       1710-1755  MHz                     1920-1980 MHz
2500                                                                2496-2690 MHz
2600            2500-2570 MHz                                                                          2500-2570 MHz
                 2570-2620 MHz (TDD)                                                               2570-2620 MHz

Sensitivity: > -70 dBm@ Antenna (Adjustable)
Dynamic Range: 35 dB
Range: >30 Meters (Typical city environment)
Antenna: Internal
Detection Mode: Peak Power Detection
Sensitivity adjustment: Up and Down Buttons from 0 to 100%
Alarm Modes: Beeper (Open air), Beeper (Earphone), Vibrator + LED flasher
Power Supply: Internal lithium battery
Charge Time: <2.5 hours
Charge port: USB to micro-USB AB type jack
Operation Time: >8 hours
Dimension:15x8x2 cm
Weight:150 grams
Attachments: AC to USN adapter, USB to microUSB connector, Earphone
Warrenty: 1 year

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Detect 2.4 GHz ISM band devices: For Wi-Fi transmitters (Router, Hot
Spot, hand set) detection, 2.4GHz band detector can be internally added on or
as a stand alone device for simplicity.
This is the only device can catch illegal transmission of
short messages.