DZDT411 4G All Bands Cell Phone Detector(Standard)
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A low cost, all bands, user friendly cell phone detector
High sensitivity to 4G, LTE, 3G, 2G, Wimax

* Jail prisoner monitoring and public safety control
* Schools or exam centers fraud prevention
* Meeting room's proprietary information leak out prevention
* Military base surveillance
* Concert hall, church, worship room
* Hospital, instrument center and research center
where the use of cellular phone is forbidden
* Airplane passenger cell phone airplane mode

 Before Using
1. Charge up the battery for two hours before using. First, plug in the tubular plunger to the jack on
the left side of the device. Then plug in the transformer to an AC receptacle. Make sure the AC
voltage is within 100-240 volts.
2. The red LED will remain on when charging is in process. When charging is complete, the red LED
will turn off. A fully charged battery can operate more than 8 hours. If no signal is detected or it is
in earphone mode, it can last 14 hours. 5 minutes before the battery is depleted, the green LED
will dime off gradually.
3. This indicates the need of a re-charge.

Power on
1. Vibrator Mode Operation: Turn the device on by rotating the knob clockwise until a click sound is
heard. The vibrator will run for one to two seconds. Then continue turning and stop at the moment
the vibrator is running again. This means the device starts to pick up background noise or already
detecting cellular phone signal.
2. Then back up the knob 1 to 2 degree and wait for two seconds to see if the vibration ceased. If
not, repeat the process again until the vibration stops. At this setting, the device is at the most
sensitive position for local environment. When the device has detected signal, the vibrator will go
off automatically until the signal disappears.
3. Attention: In a high traffic area, there is always high possibility that cellular phones are in use
nearby at the moment of tuning. The sensitivity is greatly reduced because cellular phone signal is
being detected instead of the background noise while setting the maximum sensitivity. User should
re-tune a couple of times to avoid the confusion.
■  Earphone Mode Operation:Earphone mode is a preferred mode. Following the same procedure as
for the vibration mode to turn on the device, stop rotation when the beep sound is heard. Then
back up for one or two degrees until beep sound disappeared. The device is in operation.
■  Turn Off:Rotate knob counter clockwise until a click sound is heard to turn off the device.
■  Sensitivity can be reduced if a shorter detection distance is desired.

Product Function :
4G 700            700 ~ 750 MHz
4G 2600        2550 ~ 2690 MHz
GSM                880 ~ 915 MHz (up-link)
CDMA              824 ~ 849 MHz (up-link)
UMTS(WCDMA)  1920 ~ 1980 MHz (up-link)
     DCS           1710 ~ 1785 MHz (up-link)
Antenna       Multi-band quarter-wave monopole omni-directional   
           (maximum gain at vertical position)
Sensitivity (adjustable)
GSM:                  >  - 55 dBm @ antenna
CDMA & UMTS :> - 65 dBm @ antenna

Rejection                  > 25 dB @ out of band
Detection Mode       RF power peak detection
Rotary Tuner           On-off switch + squelch control (rotate
                       clock-wise to tune on power and increase sensitivity)
Power                       Li-battery (single, 1880 mAh @3.7 VDC)
Charger                    Input:100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
                        Output: 5V DC, 1A max
Output                       Vibrator and Voice two modes
Indicators                 Green LED On: power on      
                       Green LED dimmed:requires recharging
                       Red LED On:Charging in progress  
                       Red LED Off:Charging completed
Operation Time        Stand-by > 14 hours
                       Nominal > 12 hours
                       Vibrator continuous on > 8 hours
Dimension              96mm(L) x 60mm(W) x 23.5mm(T)
                         (120mm L with antenna)
Weight                  110grams (including battery)
Accessory            One Ear Phone

This device has very high sensitivity yet is insensitive to
base-station signal.  It is small in size and light in weight.
It is highly portable and easy to use, a unique product in
market. It has two operation modes. Depending on user's
preference, one can select either vibration mode or
earphone mode. This product has an effective range
greater than 30 meters.
DT411(TW) cellular phone detector is a high tech
device dedicated  for applications such as public safety,
exam fraud prevention , proprietary information leak out
prevention , etc.

This device can be customized to detect frequency bands
matching user's local cellular phone frequency allocation.

This device is for detecting (GSMⅠ、CDMA、CDMA2000、
UMTS[WCDMA]、PHS、DCS、4G2600、Wimax popular
services throughout  
Asia and Europe.

For US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Central America and
Southwestern America, and the rest of the world, different
model number  should be selected.
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