DZDT401 Advanced All Bands Cell Phone Detector
                             DZDT405 Dual Mode (+2.4GHz ISM band) detector
This is a hand-held instrument for detecting all
cell phone signals for those applications need to
know the existence of powered up cell phones in
the vicinity.

    >  It can detect cell phone in standby mode.

    >  It detect only cell phone signals.

    > It can trigger alarm (vibrator or beeper or earphone)
           at a preset sensitivity level.

    > It has signal strength indicator for each cellphone
           link type.

    > It trigger alarms only for selected cell phone link types.

    > The beeper pitch reflects the strength of the
           detected signal.

    > It has fine sensitivity tuner for each individual
            frequency band.

    > It can detect cell phone at distance over 15 meters.

    > Fully charged detector can operate continuously
             over 15 hours.

    > It can operate in hand held or free upright standing.
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Standard Model shows 6
general frequency bands (700,
850, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600

We will customize the display
from 4 bands to 7 bands
according to your country
>> Package come with:
    1 USB Battery Charger Set
    1 Earphone
    1 Micro Screw Driver

>> Option:
    Leather holster and strap
        are available.
Detect 2.4 GHz ISM band devices:
For Wi-Fi transmitters (Router, Hot Spot, hand set)
detection, 2.4GHz band detector can be internally
added on or as a stand alone device for simplicity.

This is the only device can catch illegal
transmission of short messages.